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Our approach

Our expertise

What our clients say

  • We strive to be the best at what we do and continually look for ways to improve quality and costs
  • We don’t just offer a one-stop-shop but we also have significant experience in strategy development and project design, and are happy to bring this to bear on any project
  • What makes us different?
    The team you meet on Day 1 is the team that will stay with you – so you can be confident that the chemistry and experience fit will meet your needs
  • Opinion leader programmes and speaker bureau
  • Medical education, including CME
  • Standalone meetings
  • Strategic communications and publications planning
  • One-stop-shop congress agency
  • Website content and design
  • Managed entry materials
  • Internal launch activities
“GKP work with us on a wide range of projects, including publications, satellite symposia, launch meetings, medical education materials, advisory boards, and key opinion leader development initiatives: through their deep disease knowledge they always deliver to an excellent standard across all project types. Their project management skills are exceptional and always deliver on-strategy, on-time, and on budget. They show total committment to projects, have robust contingency planning, and have a very customer-centric attitude. From a key opinion leader development and advocacy perspective, they have exceptional interpersonal skills and have helped us to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers.”

Head of Global Marketing, Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd

“My experience with GKP has resulted in ‘Best in Class’ delivery of key brand communications on specification, on time, on budget and with high quality. Their direct approach and professional attitude and attention to my needs is always greatly appreciated and a major support to me in meeting my objectives. Additionally, GKP not only enjoy what they do, they are clearly experts in what they do. GKP is appropriately relentless in its project management in order to ensure its on-time (or better) completion of the agreed deliverables. If you are looking for a Pharma communications firm to assist you in establishing and/or growing your business, or you are actually considering working with GKP, you can do no better.”

Commercial & Alliance Director, Lumavita AG, Switzerland

“I have worked with GKP on a number of major, high-profile international meetings. On each occasion, I have found their approach to be highly professional and of the highest standard from a scientific and organisational perspective. I very much enjoy working with them and would strongly recommend them.”

Professor Olivier Chosidow, Paris, France

“I have attended many events organised by GKP. They strike an excellent balance between outstanding competence and a warm, friendly approach. I would be very happy to recommend them to anyone.”

Dr Jonathon White, London, UK

“GKP were absolutely superb in their orchestration of a complex, scientific programme. In conjunction with Pfizer colleagues from a number of European markets, they successfully built an innovative programme and gained the full support of a large Faculty of Opinion Leaders. Their meticulous planning was matched by their superb onsite management that was not only observed by the delegates but actually commented upon by the Faculty themselves. This was particularly noteworthy and a real credit to them.”

European Brand Director, Pfizer

“I am writing to let you know that I was very impressed indeed with the preparation for and the administration of the whole programme in Paris. As you can imagine I have been at many similar events over the years and this was undoubtedly the best quality in terms of programme content and overall logistics that I have ever been involved in. I would like to thank you and your team very much and hope that we can work together in the future.”

Dr Robin Graham-Brown, Leicester, UK

“GKP were attentive to every single detail before the meeting and were able to deal with key opinion leaders with great facility, patience and an open mind. The result was a well prepared meeting with a large dose of participation, spontaneity and enthusiasm.”

Professor Christian Spaulding, Paris, France

“During the years I have worked with GKP I have found them extremely helpful and constructive. Their professional, friendly manner and supportive attitude both in formal and informal settings is a great bonus to developing productive relationships.”

Professor Adrian Wagg, Canada

“We asked GKP to help us re-evaluate our national opinion leaders. They approached this with their customary precision and clear understanding of clients needs. Through a process of discussion and analysis with the brand team and agencies, it resulted in a refreshed list, clear objectives and agreed tactics that met our needs and those of the customers.”

Head of Regional Marketing, Pfizer

“Many thanks for your excellent support with the Canadian Treatment Guidelines Advisory Board and for your expertise in running a terrific programme. We also very much appreciate all the ‘above and beyond’ activities you did in both organising and taking care of our key opinion leaders.”

Marketing Director, Basilea Canada

“If you work on publication strategy with GKP, they will provide you with an absolutely conscientious, reliable and trusted service. With regard to project management, nothing will be left to chance – planning is always there. They will go truly the ‘extra mile’ to deliver on time, and on budget, without ever compromising on the quality of the work done.”

Medical Advisor, Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd, Switzerland

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